The Passport To France

French American Chamber of Commerce

Magician Jay Bryan was a surprise entertainer for the gala.

He started the evening off with some parlor magic, and after giving a speech, he performed strolling magic for the guests. 

"THANK YOU! You were a big part of this evening's success and we really appreciate the time and energy you gave to make it special and magical for each of our guests! Your show was a big hit and we only had compliments regarding you! Thanks again for your great work!"
- Katia Chatillion, Head Administrator, French American Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta Chapter 

Anning - Johnson Company

Magician Jay Bryan was a surprise entertainer. Providing strolling magic for the guests. 

"That was absolutely amazing! You had them eating out of your hand! Not bad, since they were already having dinner!"

- Robert Sylvian

FrancoPhone Atlanta

Jay performed walkaround magic in the grand ballroom of the historic 173 Carlyle House during a gathering of Friends and Families of Atlanta's Francophone communities for Francophone. French speakers and Francophiles shared a Sunday friendship brunch at Carlyle House, in Norcross (GA) to celebrate their love of the French language and the francophone cultures. Their untiring efforts contributed generously to Care and the Haitian Alliance for Haiti Earthquake Relief. 

"Wonderful show! Thanks so much for coming out to see us!"

- Gustave Faure

Other Venues

"Thank you so much for a magnificent show! Everyone loved you! It was all very impressive and entertaining! You were truly great!"
- Sergio Lopez

"You were fantastic! Your performance surpassed anything I expected. You are truly very talented... and very funny, as well! I appreciate the time and effort you put into the event and I am very grateful to you.
It was such a pleasure meeting you!"
- Renee Copeland